May 16, 2013

Sports 1A Division

Specific Rules for Sports Single A

Note: There are no preliminaries for this division. Finals take place on Saturday May 20th but you must be pre-registered.
Music Upload is Mandatory.

This division is broken into three age groups: 12 and under, 13-17, and 18+

Freestyle performances for the Sports Single A Division will be ONE MINUTE only set to music the player will provide.

Get Ready To Compete!

The Basics:

Plan A One Minute Freestyle.
Register for the contest and upload a song of your choice during registration.
All Skill Levels Welcome!

SPORTS Division – 1A Style (Three Age Groups): 12 and Under. 13 to 17. and 18+.

How Does Scoring Work?

Judges score using specific criteria developed by the International Yo-Yo Federation:
Technical Execution: (Judged via Clickers: 60.00-points maximum)
Technical Evaluation: (Two Categories – 20.0-points maximum)
Performance Evaluation: (Two Categories – 20.0-points maximum)
Major deductions: (Yo-Yo Stops -1, Yo-Yo Discard -3)

Technical Evaluation (T.Ev) 20%

Cleanliness (CLN)
Execution (EXE)

Performance Evaluation (P.Ev) 20%

Music Use (MSC)
Body Control (BDY)