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Sports 1A Freestyle Division

The Sports 1A Freestyle Division is the perfect contest for an intermediate yoyo player working on string tricks.

The contestant will plan a routine of their favorite tricks set to one minute of music they choose.

This division is broken will be broken into three age groups which will be announced prior to the event once registration is more complete.

How Does Scoring Work?

Please note we are using a new scoring method with only ‘Evaluation’ scores out of 20 or 10 points total.  This allows for new players to focus on building routines with fewer tricks and less penalty on mistakes.  There is no clicking technical tricks and negative points or major deductions for mistakes losing spin or switching yoyos.

There are 7 categories scored out of the following amount of points:

Execution – 20 points
Trick quality – 20 points
Trick variation – 20 points
Control – 10 points
Music use – 10 points
Body control – 10 points
Showmanship – 10 points

Technical evaluation point (TE: Trick Evaluation) 60%

Judges will evaluate each of the three items with a maximum of 20 points (60 points in total). When scoring 20 items, each item will be scored with a maximum of 10 points, and the score will be doubled. The performance time is 1 minute.

1. Execution (EXE) – 20 points

Overall execution, amount of mistakes, and overall completeness.

  • Was the trick being performed during the performance without mistakes?
  • Did the performance appear to be on schedule?
  • Was the trick done without risk?

2. Trick Quality (TQL) – 20 points

The difficulty and amount of tricks through freestyle

  • Was a lot of difficult tricks built in?
  • Was it simply composed of simple tricks?
  • Was there enough tricks during freestyle?

3. Trick variation (VAR ) – 20 points

Variety of trick style

  • Was a well-balanced and varied trick style woven into the performance?
  • Has the same trick been going on for a long time?
  • Was each trick style highly complete?

These are the four technical evaluation points. Technical evaluation points account for 70% of the overall score of the players.

Expression evaluation point (FE: Freestyle Evaluation) 40%

Judges will evaluate each of the four items with a maximum of 10 points (40 points in total).

1. Control (CTL) – 10 points

String lines, yo-yo movements, smoothness.

  • Was each trick well practiced?
  • Was the trick going smoothly?
  • Are the tricks refined for easy viewing?

2. Music Use (MSC) – 10 points

The need for songs. Treading, rhythm, choreography (choreography for music)

  • Was the atmosphere of music and the atmosphere of tricks matched?
  • Was the trick tempo matched to the music rhythm?
  • Do you match tricks and body movements with music?

3. Body Control (BDY) – 10 points

Stage manners, professionalism, behavior on stage, body movements

  • Was it conscious of being on the stage?
  • Was your body movement sophisticated?
  • Was he acting majestically?
  • Was it appropriate for many people to see?

4. Showmanship (SHW) – 10 points

Enjoyment, entertainment, overall impressions

  • Was there a story or theme?
  • Did you use costumes effectively?
  • Was it an attractive performance to entertain and attract the viewers?

These are the four items of expression evaluation points (FE). Expression evaluation points account for 40% of the total score of the players.