The future of the National YoYo League

The National YoYo Museum and National YoYo Contest have celebrated 27 years of longevity since their inception in Chico California.  Born from the success of the National YoYo Contest the National YoYo League was created to give structure to state and regional contests across the United States. Thanks to the efforts of key individuals (largely Bob Malowney and Thad Winzenz) the NYYL has been a true pillar of the community and we would not be where we are today without their efforts.

In those 27 years so much has changed. The evolution of the yoyo and subsequently the sport has been at a pace far more rapid than any would have expected and with that it is time for the NYYL to evolve and move into the future to ensure the success of yoyo contests and the growth of the community.

So with that the NYYL is re-organizing and bringing some new energy and faces!  We proudly present the NYYL of the future consisting of an Advisory Board dedicated to you (the yoyo competitor, the enthusiast, the beginner, and the collector).

Advisory Board Members:

  • André Boulay
  • Bob Malowney
  • Colin Beckford
  • Dave Schulte
  • Gentry Stein
  • Kyle Kosarek
  • Nathan Crissey
  • Steve Brown
  • Thad Winzenz

Along with the advisory committee the NYYL is re-organizing into committees whose goal will be to focus on building for the future.

  • National YoYo Contest
  • State/Regional Contests
  • Website & Marketing
  • Membership
  • Fundraising & Finances
  • Judging Committee

In other NYYL News:

Regarding the return of X-Division to NYYL events

For 2020 the NYYL has made a few changes for the Major Qualifying events in the United States (also known as ‘regionals’).

At the end of 2019 it was decided to bring back the X-Division which would include 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A.  The goal of this inclusion into one division is not to minimize the importance of these divisions but to ideally bring back a goal to grow and revitalize.  Divisions with one one or two contestants at many of the regionals gave those divisions less impact and we feel that presentation of our sport through X-Division will be a good way to start encouraging growth again.

X-Division is more of presentation of the styles of play and it is important to note that the NYYL will still award a ‘champion’ for each style.  So a 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A champion will be named and recognized.

It is important to understand that the goal of the NYYL is to encourage people to learn and become proficient and different styles of play and we therefore will be rolling out a ‘sports’ x-division so that people can practice their skills and warm up to competing at the pro level.

Major Qualifier finals return to three minute routines

Requests from players across the country has been that the USA returns to 3 minute final routines at Major Qualifiers to better prepare competitors at both the National and World level.  It is still the recommendation by the league that Standard Qualifying Events (State Contests) use 1 minute preliminaries and 2 minute finals.  But for 2020 the Major Qualifiers will see the return to 1 minute preliminaries and 3 minute finals.

Growing into the future

Thanks to all of the competitors that join us at yoyo contests across the USA every year and we look forward to growing and improving with the new energy and directions this re-organization should provide.

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