Now that you are here it is time to register online and upload your music from the link below. So the only thing you have to do when you arrive at the contest is check-in! This year’s registration fee is only $45 and allows you to compete in one or multiple divisions: Kendama, Sport Division, 1A, and the X-division. You may sign up for multiple divisions except those competing in 1A or the X division cannot enter the Sport Ladder as it’s meant for players that are not competing in freestyles.

In addition by registering online you get to choose your own music for the competition. However, if you wait to register to compete day of the show your music will be randomly selected by the contest. In order to be better prepared for the event UYYC online registration will close by Friday, April 26th at 7pm CST. If you miss the deadline you may still register at the event before10:30 am. Please allow a little extra time to get through the line and our staff will get you signed up; we have a playlist you can pick a song from or you can email us an MP3 when you arrive on site.

When you complete the online registration process please also RSVP how many guest passes you need. Guest passes can be prepaid online or at the registration table day of show. General admission is $10 for all spectators.

Once you complete the online registration form it allows you to just walk up and check in at the event!  You’ll get your event passes at the registration check-in table and head straight on in to the contest and meet new and old yoyo friends!

We still need you to check in at the registration table when you arrive so that we know that you are on-site and ready to compete.

Register Online here>>

The length of each freestyle for the 2024 UYYC contest are 2 minutes for Kendama and 2 minutes for the 1A and X divisions. If you do not have your music edited to length, that is OK…..but your song will end abruptly at the 2:00 minute mark. There will be no fade down of the music. Music should not contain any profanities or event may automatically disqualify the competitor and cut off the music if deemed inappropriate. Please check the standards set for selecting your music on the National YoYo Contest website or feel free to ask us to review your music