Doc Lucky’s Duo Division

Duos is not a team competition; it is limited to two competitors on the stage, no more, no less.

We are looking for entertainment value in the 2-minute performance.

Watch performances of this division from previous competitions at Doc Lucky’s Yo-Yo Talk on YouTube.

Judging of the Duo’s Division:

Required elements.

  1. Both contestants must play the yo-yo at some point during the two minutes.
  2. Players must interact in some way. (you don’t want two players standing on stage, each doing their freestyle routine independently of the other.)

50 points Entertainment value* – Judges base this score on how much they were entertained by the performance and the crowd’s reaction.

30 points Uniqueness & Creativity (examples are: costumes, weird hats, stage props, stage sets, juggling, new tricks, props incorporated into the performance, use of other skill toys, dance, singing, skit performance, custom created music, magic, athletics, weird yo-yos, comedy lighting effects, body paint, etc.)

10 points Interaction (how interactive were the two players)

10 points skill elements (are the players skillful in their performance, or are there a lot of misses)

The scores should be added to determine the finish rankings if there are three or fewer judges. If there are four or more judges, the high and low scores are removed, and the middle scores are tallied to determine the finish rankings.

 In case of a tie: Both tied duos will go on stage and throw a long sleeper while standing on one foot. If the sleeper stops or any player’s lifted foot touches the ground, that team loses to the other team.

*This is a very subjective score. Judges should consider crowd reaction/engagement as about 50% of this score. Keep in mind contestants can be very creative but, at the same time, not entertaining.