This was the first year the Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championships was held at the Mall of America. It was on Sunday May 16th, 1999. When compiling the history of the contest, no scores were recorded, just the top five players in each division.

1999 Midwest Regional Results

Championship1Matt Harlow
Championship2Dave Schulte
Championship3Joey Skinta
Championship4Ryan McQuillan
Championship5Dustin Haning
Expert1Pat Heinemann
Expert2Joel Zink
Expert3Aaron Pierson
Expert4Matt Price
Expert5Adam Seavey
Advanced 15 and younger1Ben Byers
Advanced 15 and younger2Ben Brotzler
Advanced 15 and younger3Jon Karsten
Advanced 15 and younger4Joe Signn
Advanced 15 and younger5Jake Maloney
Advanced 16 and older1Dave Wells
Advanced 16 and older2Jason Colwell
Advanced 16 and older3Dan Stanchfield
Advanced 16 and older4Brian Roberts (Doctor Popular)
Advanced 16 and older5Matt Owen
Novice1Daniel Balogh
Novice2Taylor Sanders
Novice3Ben Nichols
Novice4Justin Miske
Novice5Aaron Blowers

Trick List:

Novice Division
Around the World (1 revolution)
Walk the Dog (1 foot)
Eddie Spaghetti
Skin the Cat
Forward Pass
Elevator (must start within 2″ above finger)
Robin Hood
Rock the Baby (3 full rocks)
Man on the flying Trapeze (flip-overs allowed)
Tie Breaker
Inside Loops

Advanced Division
Around the Corner (must pluck string with finger)
Double or Nothing
Brain Twister (3 somersaults, loop dismount)
Pinwheel (3 rotations)
3 Leaf Clover (last loop straight down)
Stop ‘n Go (must sleep on go)
Planet Hop (4 hops)
Dizzy Baby (3 rotations)
Creeper (out and back)
Tie Breaker
Inside Loops

Expert Division
Advanced Atom Smasher
(3 pinwheels, split bottom mount, 3 barrel rolls,
3 somersaults, loop dismount)
Hop the Fence (4 hops)
Warp Drive (4 regenerations)
Reach for the Moon (4 repetitions)
Punching Bag (4 punches)
Trapeze with 1 Somersault (no flip-overs)
Roller coaster (Arne Dixon version)
Lindy Loops (3 layers on the string)
One-handed Trapeze (no flip-overs)
Eli’s Hop (4 hops)
Freestyle Round (3 minutes)

Championship Division
Two-handed tricks
Reach for the Moon / Loop to Loop (10 sets)
Ride the Horse (10 sets)
Outside Criss Cross (10 sets)
Cattle Crossing (10 sets)
Warp Drive / Time Warp
Wrist Crossovers (10 sets)
Milk the Cow (10 sets)
Whirlwind (10 sets)
Loops / Punching Bag (10 sets)
Lay Down Loops (10 sets)
Freestyle Round (3 minutes)