May 16, 2013


Sports Ladder (Intermediate)

The Sport Ladder is made for beginner to intermediate players and is open to anyone not competing in a PRO division.

You get one attempt per trick. You get one ‘missed’ trick where you still advance to the next trick.
On your second ‘missed’ trick you are retired from the Sports Ladder.
Winner is the player with the highest Trick Completed.
If needed Tiebreaker is the Highest Trick Missed.

This division is broken into three age groups: 12 and under, 13-17, and 18+

Trick list is as follows:

1. Sleeper
2. Breakaway
3. Eiffel Tower
4. Rock the Baby
5. Elevator
6. Brain Twister
7. Trapeze
8. Split the Atom
9. Double or Nothing
10. Mach 5
11. Cold Fusion
12. Pop ā€˜nā€™ Fresh
13. Gerbil
14. Plastic Whip
15. Eli Hops
16. Boingy Boingy
17. Gyroscopic Flop
18. Kwijibo
19. Hook
20. Suicide Catch
21. Iron Whip
22. Kamakaze
24. Throwhand Grind
25. Black Hop