The California State YoYo Contest is one of the longest-running state yo-yo contests in the United States, and has garnered the respect and admiration of Skilled Players from around the world. Regularly attended by players from all parts of the United States, the California State Yo-Yo Contest is also one of the largest contests in the United States with steady attendance growth every year since its inception.

The California State Yo-Yo Championships has a long history of being one of the largest state contests in the country with some of the most venerated and respected players throwing down to stake their claim for the title of California State Champion.

The California State YoYo Championships anticipates well over 100 competitors every year, with a general attendance of well over 1,000 spectators.

Join us in seeking the winner of the the California State Yo-Yo Contest and an unforgettable yo-yoing experience!